Amtrak Just Launched a Sneak Peek at Its Brand New Trains

These new trains will give Amtrak passengers a more modern experience.

Courtesy of Amtrak
Courtesy of Amtrak
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Amtrak is thinking about the future. On December 15, Amtrak announced that new trains will debut in 2026, and will operate on routes throughout the country. Amtrak Airo trains will have modern, spacious interiors and panoramic windows, and the trains themselves will be more fuel efficient, travel faster, and have new amenities.

"As we invest in the future, Amtrak is leading the way with a new era of rail," said Amtrak President Roger Harris in a statement shared with Thrillist. "Our new trains will transform the Amtrak experience with significant environmental benefits, a progressive design and world-class amenities."

Courtesy of Amtrak

Some of the updated amenities include a redesigned café car, more spacious seating, better lighting, touchless bathroom features, more USB ports and outlets, and onboard Wi-Fi. Faster travel speeds of up to 125 miles per hour will also mean that the more comfortable journey will get passengers where they need to be faster. There will even be a new Business Class section of the Airo trains, offering travelers an option to upgrade their onboard experience.

The new Airo trains will run on the following routes:

  • Northeast Regional
  • Empire Service
  • Virginia Services
  • Keystone Service
  • Downeaster
  • Cascades
  • Maple Leaf
  • New Haven/Springfield Service
  • Palmetto
  • Carolinian
  • Pennsylvanian
  • Vermonter
  • Ethan Allen Express
  • Adirondack
Business class | Courtesy of Amtrak
Coach seating | Courtesy of Amtrak

"I fought to include over $21 billion for Amtrak in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and I secured over $2.3 billion for Amtrak in FY22 appropriations, so that initiatives that benefit passengers like these new trains and improved cabins could go forward," said Senator Chuck Schumer in a statement. "I am thrilled to see Amtrak stepping up its game for customers with the new Amtrak Airo trains, which will benefit customers throughout the country, including on more than half a dozen New York lines."

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