Amtrak Has Finally Unveiled Its Next-Generation High-Speed Acela Trains

We'll just say this: They were worth the wait.

Courtesy of Amtrak
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Amtrak first teased the introduction of its next-generation, high-speed Acela trains in 2016, with the promise of an early 2021 debut. But with pandemic-related delays and the need for further testing, the launch was pushed until this upcoming fall. 

Though you'll still have to wait a few more months for the ultra-sleek railway experience, complete with faster WiFi, contactless bathrooms, and more convenient food service, The Points Guy reports, Amtrak has finally given us a glimpse at what we can expect. 

Courtesy of Amtrak
Courtesy of Amtrak

According to the outlet, the new seat designs include gray recycled leather in both business and first-class, which will accommodate 378 passengers, which is up from the previous 304 on the original model thanks to an added car. Meanwhile, the assistant vice president of Amtrak's new Acela program confirmed that final testing stages are currently being completed on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, reports.

"It's the first articulated high-speed train set [in the US]," project director for Amtrak Noah Heulitt told the outlet. "Shared wheel sets mean there is less residual motion [between cars]."

Passengers will enjoy larger windows, pull-down shades, and winged headrests. The first-class cars, meanwhile, boast a "generous" amount of legroom—allegedly more so than what you'd ever expect of an airline flight.

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