For Only $299, Amtrak Will Let You Travel All Around the Country for a Month

Get 30 days of travel and up to 10 trips for $200 off right now.


Just like how last summer was the season to stay home, this summer is the season to not stay home. Go out! Travel! Live your life now that it's actually safe to do so!

Amtrak's got the easiest way to do it, too. The railway service's USA Rail Pass, a 30-day rail pass that allows you to take 10 trips anywhere in the country within a month, is currently $200 off.

The month-long rail pass allows you to book a whole bunch of trips under one fixed rate—meaning you buy the one-time pass for $299 and get 10 trips anywhere in the country at no additional cost. That's an average of $30 a trip.

Once you buy the pass, you have 120 days to book your first trip. After that first trip, the 30-day limit kicks in, so you'll have to book the next nine quickly.

Normally, this pass will run you $499—the $299 sale ends June 22.

There are 500 destinations available with the pass: You can check out the routes online. Just bear in mind it's not available for Acela service, for the route between Virginia and Florida, as well as the Canada stops on the Maple Leaf line. The pass will also only allow you to book two roundtrips between the same two stations, so it behooves you to go out and explore, not use this as a glorified commuter pass.

Though you could previously upgrade your seat options to Business Class or even a private room, Amtrak is not currently offering those options for USA Rail Pass holders. Don't act like you're better than coach.​​​​​

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.