For $399, Amtrak Will Let You Travel All Around the Country for a Month

Amtrak's USA Rail Pass gets you 10 rides within a 30-day period, and it's $100 off right now.

Courtesy of Amtrak
Editor's Note: We know COVID-19 is continuing to impact your travel plans. Should you travel now, be sure to familiarize yourself with the CDC's latest guidance on domestic and international travel as well as local requirements, protocols, and restrictions for both your destination upon your arrival and your home city upon your return. Be safe out there.

Ready to ditch road trips due to high gas prices? Not quite ready to jet across the globe in a cramped plane? Well, maybe an adventure via train is in order. In fact, it could be the perfect time.

Amtrak's popular USA Rail Pass, which gets you 10 rides over the course of 30 days, is now on sale through March 29 for $399, or $100 off the normal price tag of $499. That means you can score up to 10 trips that'll end up costing you just under $40 each.

The USA Rail Pass allows you to explore the 500 Amtrak locations across the country.

"The perfect option for those who are craving adventure or want to spend weekends away from home, the USA Rail Pass makes traveling from town-to-town and across the country easy," Amtrak said in a press release. "Individuals looking to discover hidden gems or visit friends in the next city over, can leverage the USA Rail Pass to access more getaways."

You can buy the USA Rail Pass on the Amtrak website or app to take advantage of the sale. Once you use your first segment, you'll have 30 days to use the rest of the USA Rail Pass. But, if you want to take advantage of the sale, but don't have space on your calendar to start exploring just yet, don't worry. The pass is valid for 120 days after purchasing it.

If you're thinking about switching up your method of travel, getting around by train has become more popular in recent years. It's a way to take in more of the country, and get access to views you'd miss in a plane or even a car.

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