ANA's New R2-D2 Jet Makes Its Maiden Voyage

Published On 10/19/2015 Published On 10/19/2015

What's hands-down the luckiest group of travelers in the galaxy hitched a ride on the highly anticipated maiden voyage of All Nippon Airways' spectacular new R2-D2 plane this weekend. Oddly enough, the Star Wars-themed jet flew to Canada, not the utopian planet of Naboo.

While it may not have been an intergalactic journey, the international flight from Haneda, Japan to Vancouver, Canada on Sunday included the likes of Chewbacca, a few droids, multiple Stormtroopers, and various other creatures. As always, the airport security line was a phantom menace -- littered with confiscated lightsabers and slowed by having to fit The Hutts through the body-scanning machines.


There's no word on whether Han Solo is piloting the plane now that they're parking the Millennium Falcon at Disney, but the Japanese airline is rolling out additional commercial flights on the jet, including international routes, this month. 


The R2-D2 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is one of three Star Wars-themed planes ANA plans to fly through Earth's skies as part of an agreement with The Walt Disney Company alongside the upcoming films in the blockbuster franchise. It's probably safe to assume uniformed Jedi Knights get priority boarding. 

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