Baseball Player Body Slams Fan in Front of Thousands of People

“If you’re going to San Francisco,” the old hippy song by Scott McKenzie goes, “make sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” But if you’re going to a San Francisco Giants game, don’t rush on field to give your favorite player a nice flower. You’ll most likely get body-slammed.

Last night, some genius interloper thought it would be great to give the Giants’ Angel Pagan a flower, rushing on field in the middle of a game against the Dodgers, except the outfielder was having none of it. Pagan slammed the poor fan-boy onto the grass, much to the massive stadium’s delight:

Pagan even baits the poor dude with an extended hand, as if to say “yes, young man, I’d love a nice flower.” But nope, he really didn’t want a flower. One gets the feeling Pagan might actually hate flowers:

Dodgers commentator Vin Scully gave a pretty great play-by-play of the whole thing, using his 60-plus years of experience to call the event for what it was: a crowd-pleasing WWE wrestling slam.

In addition to winning the game 9-2, the Giants on Friday night also won the internet -- which loved Pagan’s slam very much.