Watch This Elephant Frolic in the Snow After a Freak Storm in Oregon

A nasty snowstorm pummeled Portland, Oregon earlier this week, leaving the city submerged in a foot of snow. Lots of trees fell over, and scores of people were left without power as Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency. But, hey, at least a bunch of cute animals at the Oregon Zoo got to play and frolic in the snow!

The zoo shared a video of Nora the polar bear and a few seals enjoying all the white, fluffy goodness. It’s almost like they’re not zoo animals, but free-roaming creatures of the Earth. Most importantly though, Samudra the Asian Elephant experienced snow for the first time, and can now enter the rare territory of elephants who have nearly been bobsledding.

If authorities know what’s good for them, they’ll keep things frosty so these animals can enjoy the snow for a few more days.

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