This Battery Will Charge Your iPhone for 40 Days

Your iPhone battery is far from the most stable thing in your life, what with it dying on you every damn day. And if you're in an emergency, or just exploring the great outdoors without direct access to an outlet, this is a real problem. But that's where this giant portable charger comes in, which will keep your iPhone charged for up to 40 days

The 400Wh Anker PowerHouse potable charger promises up to 40 iPhone recharges, and 15 laptop recharges, meaning you can keep your electronics charged during an intense power outage, or any other emergency. For instance, if you were hopelessly stranded on a desert island, and just happened to have your Anker PowerHouse on you, you could absolutely keep your phone charged. You might not have reception to call anyone for rescue, but at least you could play Candy Crush and not just have to talk to a bloody volleyball. 

The PowerHouse can also power some lamps, mini fridges, and TVs, which again makes it pretty handy in an apocalyptic situation. Also, the price for such a powerful device isn't too steep:. the device retails for $499, but there's actually a discount code on the Anker Website right now that allows you to pre-order one off Amazon for $399. They'll be in stock officially on May 22, 2016. 

Of course, here's to hoping you're never in an emergency that forces you to use one of these things. But it never hurts to make sure you can play Candy Crush until the end of days.

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