This Is the Most Annoying Thing People Do at an Airport, According to Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain's Airport Pet Peeve

Just to make Parts Unknown possible, Anthony Bourdain has to spend a lot of time in airports. Even if he didn't travel outside of shooting the show, he'd spend a good amount of time going through airport security, hunting for the one place selling coffee at 5am, and otherwise waiting around the worst part of every vacation. 

So, naturally, he has strong opinions -- like he does on any topic -- about what sucks in airports and what sucks about people at airports. 

In a new interview with Travel + Leisure, Bourdain says the most annoying thing about airports is people who are totally unprepared to go through the body scanner that you know you will have to go through. "They said no liquids and gels, motherfucker. You know? Come on!" he said.

The ire is also for people who "have bangles and jewelry and have dressed up even though they’re going to have to go through a metal detector."

Of course, it's not just limited to those two groups. He also has frustration for people who bring as much luggage as possible onto the plane, "jamming it into the overhead, which takes 10 minutes."

Though, he's previously noted he's not one to call out people over these relatively minor annoyances. "Don’t get angry; don’t be the person huffing and puffing and getting angry in the security line... It doesn’t help," he said. That's some good advice for everyone who likes to test how loud they're able to sigh at the airport. It doesn't make the plane get in the air any faster, and it's not going to make you any happier. 

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