Anthony Bourdain Says Donald Trump Would Ruin the Restaurant Industry

Published On 10/30/2015 Published On 10/30/2015
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Anthony Bourdain has never been shy about what he loves, i.e meat and more meat, but he's equally unafraid to say when he doesn't like something. And now, that something is Donald Trump. 

The long-time television host and famed chef commented on Trump's proposed policies in an interview with SiriusXM's StandUP With Pete Dominick. Bourdain said flat out the restaurant business would go under if Trump's major deportation plan came to fruition, calling immigrants of Mexican and Central American descent the "backbone of the industry," and claiming if they were deported, America's restaurant business would collapse. 

He noted that never in his years in the business did he come across an American-born kid who wanted a job in one of the working-class positions, like a night porter or a dishwasher. Aspiring American chefs straight outta culinary school didn't seem to feel the need to start low and work their way up. 

So Trump might want to think about the future of his favorite steakhouse before getting busy building that wall and deporting around 11 million people. But of course, that's just a suggestion. Still, you definitely don't wanna be on the wrong side of Bourdain fans. They're a powerful group.

Listen to the interview below.


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