Anthony Bourdain Claims He Doesn’t Actually Hate Guy Fieri

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Anthony Bourdain has a long history of publicly insulting other chefs and food personalities, but there's no celebrity chef feud that comes even close to the war of words between the Parts Unknown host and Guy Fieri. You'd think the dudes hate each other, considering all the personal attacks and insults they've lobbed at each other via interview quotes over the years, but apparently, "hate" is too strong a word for Tony. The feeling's probably better described as dislike

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Bourdain all but declares an end to the longtime beef, although the admission comes with a fresh jab at the spiky-haired chef:

"I have no hate in my heart for the guy," Bourdain told the paper. "He doesn’t make me angry. He’s just low-hanging fruit. He’s a rich and deep source of comedy."

Well, then. The statement is certainly a helluva twist, but it's probably safe to assume the biggest feud in food will continue for at least a little while longer (what would the dudes do without each other?). However, the report also suggests Bourdain seems to be shifting his aim at an even more comical target, with equally if not more perplexing hair: Donald Trump. Bourdain is quoted as saying, "Credible hair and something resembling a human skin tone would be a prerequisite [for my vote]." Of course, this is far from the first time Bourdain badmouthed the embattled GOP frontrunner.

In related news, Bourdain talked to Business Insider about his dreams of collaborating with a guy he actually likes, Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards. 

Along with revisiting locations from the rock band's iconic album Exile on Main St. with Richards, Bourdain said he'd love to do a show touching on the guitarist's interest in British naval history and, as he put it, “make bangers and mash, and maybe have a meat pie with him," according to the BI report. Sure, that'd be some great television, but we'd rather see an episode in which Bourdain and Fieri sort out their differences on an adventure through Flavortown™.

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