Anthony Bourdain Explains How and When He Drinks His Whisky

Anthony Bourdain isn't just an expert when it comes to the world's best foods and making fun of Guy Fieri. In case you haven't noticed, the globetrotting celebrity ex-chef -- and newly minted Jiu-Jitsu champion -- does a lot of drinking, and talks about drinking almost as much. And in a recent interview with Potluck Video, the sage booze authority shared exactly how he likes to drink a good Scotch whisky. 

In the 5-minute interview over glasses of The Balvenie single malt Scotch, Tony explains how he fell in love with whisky as well as when and how he typically drinks it. So, uh, listen up, people.

"If I'm not feeling particularly well, it makes me feel better," Bourdain said. "If I'm feeling sentimental or wistful or reflective or thinking about writing, but not yet writing, it's a good -- for me, 4 o' clock in the afternoon in a pub in Scotland, preferably, alone... You know, a good Scotch whisky. I'm a bit of a heretic here -- I don't mind one rock. One rock only. And I know that a lot of serious whiskey drinkers will take issue with that, and I understand it, but yeah, I like just a tiny, tiny, little piece of ice. I'm not making blender drinks out of it."

Bourdain also offers some speculation on why more and more people are turning to whisky, food, and other products that are made in the "old, foolishly romantic way," saying, "I think people crave, for lack of a better word, authenticity." As for pairing whiskey with food, Bourdain seems to keep it fairly simple, but also a little funky. 

"Always before and after just about any meal," he said. "A good Scotch whisky is going to be good before and definitely after. But I like a good, strong cheese -- you know, a stilton or a good, funky bleu or a runny, stinky French cheese. These are the cheeses I'm of course most passionate about. I think those are very good. Wild game -- grouse or pheasant or any little bird with some properly aged... arguably, a nicely aged steak. But you want some funk on this, you want something relatively forward tasting."

And in response to a question toward the end of the interview, Bourdain assures the world that there will be booze at the massive public food market he's opening in NYC and shared a few other details about what to expect there when it opens sometime next year. Be sure to catch the whole interview (above). 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and would love to sit and chat with Bourdain over some whiskey. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.