Here's the Moment Anthony Bourdain Exposed How Fake Travel Shows Are

Untrue to its name, reality TV is known for trying to pass farcical situations off as what it aims to promote: real life. When you’re watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, or perusing an old episode of The Real World, it’s likely that the drama unfolding on screen was drummed-up by a producer meddling in the background.

That’s why it’s great we have Anthony Bourdain to unveil just how contrived reality TV can get -- even when it’s on his own show. A Reddit thread that’s currently making the rounds cites a 2013 episode of Parts Unknown, which sees the host travel to Sicily, Italy, to couple squid hunting with some expressive hand gestures. While diving into the water, the host makes clear that he’s suspicious -- there’s no way that a boat-clogged waterway playing host to partiers could possibly support thriving wildlife, he surmises -- but jumps in anyway.

Then, Bourdain suddenly finds a bevy of dead squid floating all around him, plummeting slowly to the ocean floor. The jig doesn’t last very long, and in an act of full transparency, the celeb-chef admits that some guy in the next boat over is hurling them into the water one by one. Bourdain clearly wasn’t too keen on embellishing the scene in any way -- or coloring his show with abject lies.

Never change, Anthony Bourdain, you former drug-addled maniac, you. 

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Sam Blum is a News Staff Writer for Thrillist. He'd also welcome Anthony Bourdain to his local dojo in Manhattan's East Village to train some jiu jitsu. Tony can reach him on Twitter @Blumnessmonster.