Anthony Bourdain Reveals the Secret to Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Zero Point Zero Production Inc.

Having stomach issues while traveling isn't fun, and spending half of your hard-earned vacation days sick in the hotel room really isn't fun. And though it might be embarrassing to admit, it's certainly happened to you more than once. But somehow, world traveler and daring eater Anthony Bourdain manages to dine and drink constantly in different locations while keeping his stomach happy. What's his secret?

In an interview with Newsweek, Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain claimed that he's only missed three days in 15 years of making travel television due to stomach problems, and he went on to explain exactly why. The secret is simple: Eat like a local and not like a typical American tourist.

Bourdain explained, "I’ve long found that the person on our crew most likely to get sick is the one who is sort of wary of street food and local food. They always get sick from eating the breakfast buffet at the hotel. That’s what brings people down. You eat in crowded local joints, and chances are you’re going to be OK.”

The travel show host is against eating the free hotel breakfast, against eating on the plane, and against eating at any place that caters to tourists with English translations on the menu. In general, it's just best to stay away from things like "Caesar salads" that sound "safe" to many Americans. A Caesar salad is far from safe, because, as Bourdain eloquently stated, "It’s sitting there waiting for the dumb American to come along and order it. “

Follow the locals. Period. It's the secret to staying healthy and also kind of the whole point of traveling.

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