The Most Interesting Things Anthony Bourdain Said in His Reddit AMA

Anthony Bourdain Reddit AMA 2016
Getty Images

Anthony Bourdain has literally skirted death in Libya, imbibed rare spirits on a frozen lake in Quebec, and mined the depths of exotic culture from Tokyo to Madagascar. But what's his opinion on macaroni and cheese?

Such was the tenor of Bourdain's Reddit AMA Tuesday, as the professional bon-vivant supplied his frothing fan base with answers to their most pining questions -- many of which pertained to snack food, his self-image, and filming a show in the midst of a war zone. 

Bourdain's Parts Unknown returns on September 25 on CNN. In the meantime, marinate on the seven best moments of his Reddit AMA. 

He thinks Top Chef is the best cooking show

His lunch with Obama was quite chill

He wants Pumpkin Spice to die

Tokyo is the capital of "cool shit" 

Nashville was almost as scary as post-Benghazi Libya

He won't be retiring to Florida

Lastly, he never takes himself too seriously