Anthony Bourdain Says Filipino Food Will Take America By Storm

When it comes to the undervalued and lesser known facets of the culinary universe, Anthony Bourdain thinks there's a lot we tend to overlook. For the celebrity chef, underrated food scenes dot the American landscape, and Mexican joints are often woefully "unappreciated," despite their ubiquity in some regions. 

But according to Bourdain, an unlikely culinary sensation is primed to branch out from its native land and dominate the world, and it isn't something you're likely all that familiar with: Filipino food. The host of Parts Unknown told CNN Philippines that pork sisig has everything it takes to become a mainstream force: "I think sisig is perfectly positioned to win the hearts and minds of the world as a whole," he said, adding that "Americans and American palettes are just now starting to become seriously interested," in the dish. 

If an evening at Arby's gels with your idea of adventurous dining, then sisig probably isn't for you: The dish is a combination of various parts of a pig's face -- including the snout, ears and cheek -- and it's apparently quite delicious. (It is pork, after all). Bourdain thinks it's the perfect salty compliment for an evening of drinking, calling it "casual, accessible, [and] exactly what you need after a few beers."

What's more, sisig is venturing to the gastronomic wonderland of New York City, thanks to Bourdain. Last week, the globetrotting chef revealed details for his new NYC food market, and lauded the pork dish as something destined for big things. It'll definitely be on the menu when Bourdain Market opens in 2019, the chef has confirmed.

“Filipino food is definitely underrated worldwide," he said. "In New York, it doesn’t have hipster credibility yet. But things are changing, and I hope to be a part of that change.” And with Bourdain's stamp of approval, hipsters everywhere will be devouring pork sisig in the not too distant future.

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