Anthony Bourdain Reveals The One Country He'll Never Visit

Anthony Bourdain has been everywhere. Whether it's exploring local cuisine and culture amid the chaos of a Libyan war zone, or snorkeling in the blue waters of Sicily, the celebrity chef has basically seen it all. 

There is, however, one place where the Parts Unknown host says he has no interest in visiting: North Korea. In a recent interview with TMZ, wherein the gossip publication found Bourdain at Los Angeles International Airport, the food icon explained that the secretive, rogue state wouldn't be a great setting for the show. "There's nothing they're gonna let you see in North Korea, it's a very unpleasant government," he said. 

Although TMZ miss-phrased the initial question, asking Bourdain if he'd ever consider filming an episode of his old show, No Reservations, in North Korea, Bourdain made clear he had no interest in crossing into North Korean territory with his current CNN program: "Most of the population is starving, don't you think that'd be kind of bad taste?," he asked. 

Pressing further, the interviewer also asked the TV-star about the recent suspension of Bourdain's book imprint from Twitter for using foul language. Discussing how it was censored for promoting a book called Adios Motherfucker, all Bourdain offered was a shoulder shrug and a wry smile. He suggested that the imprint ultimately benefited from the publicity generated by the non-controversy, noting that "On balance it kind of worked out for me." 

Needless to say, Anthony Bourdain has his way of reaching for success in any number of unlikely situations.

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