Anthony Bourdain Shares 5 of His Favorite Places to Eat in NYC

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When Anthony Bourdain isn't busy crisscrossing the world filming scenic anecdotes of his eating and drinking escapades or working on his massive public food market, the wandering celebrity ex-chef likes to haunt a handful of restaurants in his hometown. In a new interview with The Daily Beast, the sharp-tongued New Yorker shared a "hotlist" of five places where he loves to eat out in the city, and well, they're so Anthony Bourdain. 

While Bourdain said the first thing he does when visiting a new city is hit up its main food market, it turns out the first thing he likes to do when he arrives home in NYC is get his hands on some Shake Shack.

"Chances are, the first thing I’m doing when I get back if I’ve been away for 12 days -- I’m exhausted, I’ve flown from Japan or South America and I arrive at my apartment and I’m just destroyed -- I’m calling Seamless to get me some Shake Shack," he told The Daily Beast. "I’m having a double cheeseburger naked, please. No lettuce. No tomato. No nothing. Just cheese and two burgers on a potato bun. I’ll have two of those and I’m happy. I’m singing America, fuck yeah!"

Bourdain said he also enjoys hitting up Chef Danny Bowien’s constantly crowded Mission Chinese Food on the Lower East Side as well as the historic smoked fish- and bagel schmear-purveyor, Russ & Daughters, according to the report. His list also includes higher-end restaurants like Osteria Morini and Marea, mainly to order bowl after bowl of pasta. No wonder the dude is so damn likable.

Check out the full interview with Bourdain, including his thoughts on whether Instagramming at dinner is OK, over at The Daily Beast, right here. Or, you can follow your heart and grab one of those aforementioned cheeseburgers. That's what we're doing.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and could really go for a cheeseburger right about now, but unlike Bourdain, he'd at least get some mayo, ketchup, and pickles on it. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.