Anthony Bourdain Reveals His 'Perfect Drink'

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Zero Point Zero Production

Anthony Bourdain drinks a lot. He also talks about drinking a lot. Few people on Earth are more qualified to give you drink order suggestions for your next night out. Fortunately for you, in a recent interview, Bourdain did just that.

Speaking to Barron's at the 4th Annual American Craft Council Fellowship Awards, the TV host and former chef listed his favorite hand-crafted alcoholic beverages, and though some require a passport to sip, others are available at any cocktail bar. Among his obscure favorites, Bourdain sang the praises of bootlegSake from Japan, and palm wine from Africa. Both sound great, but aren't widely exactly available. Next, he spoke about his move away from "predictably awesome wines” to more serviceable wines made locally that taste of the region. Finally, he professed a soliloquy of ardent love for his "perfect drink," the... drumroll please... Negroni.

“A Negroni is a perfect drink as far as I’m concerned," says Bourdain, adding, “ It's three liquors that I’m not particularly interested in... But put them together with a slice of orange. It works... That first sip is confusing and not particularly pleasant. But man it grows on you.”

Additionally, when in the US, Bourdain said he goes for a classic cocktail like a Manhattan or a Sazerac. And of course he loves his good whiskey. But if you need to see these words coming direcctly from his lips, you can check out the full interview here.

Seriously, this guy would make the best drinking buddy. Even better if he's paying.

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