Anthony Bourdain Reveals His Ideal Last Meal

If Anthony Bourdain professes his love for a particular food, well, you better listen up (perhaps with the exception of sheep balls, or any testicles, really). We already know what the roaming celebrity ex-chef hopes to eat at his massive international food hall coming to NYC, but now, Bourdain has revealed exactly what he would want to eat for a rather morbid occasion, his last meal. Hint: It's not Nashville's hot chicken

Writing in The Guardian, Bourdain describes his ideal "last supper" as an excessive 23-course meal of high-end sushi and some of the world's rarest sakes at the renowned Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo. This should come as no surprise to the avid Bourdainophile, considering the dude has previously named Jiro as one of his top three meals of all time

"I’d be alone at the sushi bar," Bourdain said. "I think I’d prefer to die like an old lion -- to crawl away into the bushes where no one can see me draw my last breath. But in this case, I’d crawl away to a seat in front of this beautiful hinoki wood sushi bar, where three-Michelin starred Jiro Ono would make me a 22- or 23-course omakase tasting menu." 

And while Bourdain believes the legendary sushi master would likely prefer he drink house tea throughout the magnificent meal, he said he would "risk displeasing Jiro just this once" by enjoying all sorts of expensive sake. Specifically, Bourdain said, "[O]n this occasion, I’d order the most rare and expensive sakes he’d agree to sell me. In fact, I’d allow myself to get a little tipsy. Ideally, this being my last meal and all, I could convince the master to join me."

Check out Bourdain's full description of his ideal last meal right here, and promptly rethink what your own last meal will be like. Actually, don't do that. That shit's depressing.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and just realized he hasn't had sushi in months. Wtf. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.