Anthony Hopkins Posted a Bizarre Selfie Video on Twitter & People Are Very Confused

Part of being a great actor is knowing how to deploy a wide range of emotions at any given moment to pull off a convincing performance. Some would say it also requires having an expressive face to dramatically convey whatever those emotions may be. Not that there was any doubt, but Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins proved he’s well-equipped with both tools, when he posted a bizarre video to Twitter on Sunday that left many wondering what the hell is going on. 

In the hilariously strange 32-second clip uploaded to Hopkins' official Twitter account, the 80-year-old is seen flailing around wildly and making goofy faces directly into his phone's camera while a frenetic song plays loudly in the background. It's part playfully deranged, part hilarious, and 100% weird. It's even more unsettling coming from the man whose most memorable film role was that of a legendarily creepy serial killer. 

Since the Tweet was posted on Sunday, it's gone viral and racked up nearly 60,000 retweets and 180,000 likes as of this writing. Reactions, as you might imagine, have been all over the place -- ranging from from concern to praise.

There were also a few nods to his iconic role as Hannibal Lecter.

Of course, his video's caption "This is what happens when you're all work and no play..." suggests he was just having a bit of fun and there's nothing to be concerned about. And frankly, more power to any octogenarian thespian who's down to get wacky every once and a while.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.