Watching an Anvil Smash a Bunch of Spray Paint Cans Is Extremely Satisfying

Of the many ill-advised stunts YouTubers pull for a quick chance at viral fame, dropping an anvil from 150ft onto a bunch of spray paint canisters is surely the most colorful. How Ridiculous, a group of hedonistic Aussies who enjoy "filming ripper vids," are the men behind the video.

Someone (perhaps unwisely) gave them access to an observation tower to drop an anvil onto a variety of objects, including watermelons, shaving cream cans, and silly string. But it has to be the spray paint cans that warrant the most oohs and ahhs, as they erupt in a vibrant explosion of color the second the anvil makes contact. Just look at the spectacular crash in slow motion: 

If you find yourself in a deeply satisfied trance, then the video clearly did it's job.

How Ridiculous is inching towards 1 million subscribers on YouTube. But despite the milestone, they've still got a while to go before reaching the internet-fame of the Slow Mo Guys, the duo from England who perform similar stunts, albeit with balloons and the occasional trampoline filled with mousetraps. Maybe another anvil will do the trick. 

[h/t Sploid]

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