Apparently, the World Has Spent $900 Billion Saving Matt Damon

When you think of Matt Damon, you probably think of things like "How do you like them apples?" (3:15) and Jason Bourne and that Team America joke. What you've probably never thought about, though, is 1) how often the dude is saved from far-flung places in his movies, and 2) how much dragging/flying/rocketing his ass home has cost the world -- the fictional world, of course. He plays Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan, after all. 

The question was recently posed by an incredibly observant Quora user, who asked "How much money has been spent attempting to bring Matt Damon back from distant places?” Thanks to astute commenters, we can all go into watching our next Matt Damon flick knowing the number is around $900 billion, the vast majority of which is attributed to his recent space movies, Interstellar ($500 billion) and The Martian ($200 billion). Obviously, Will Hunting might not approve of the math behind these estimates, but they're still more interesting than Ocean's Twelve

Here's the full breakdown, via Quora:

Read Kynan Eng's answer to How much money has been spent attempting to bring Matt Damon back from distant places? on Quora
Oh, and that number might climb with the release of Damon's new 'Bourne' flick next year, but that's if he needs to be rescued (probably not). *plays that Moby song*

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