Apple is Apparently Working on a Premium iPhone Codenamed 'Ferrari'

With the iPhone 8, Apple has a tremendous chance to erase much of the disappointment that marred the iPhone 7’s release earlier this year. And based on what we’ve already heard about the next edition of the company’s flagship device, we have reason to anticipate something momentous.

And that’s not even the full extent of what Apple has planned for next year, according to leaked manufacturing documents, which confirm the tech giant is indeed releasing three iPhones in 2017, including a mysterious, top-tier model codenamed “Ferrari.” The documents, posted by a blogger onto one of China’s biggest social networks, Weibo, confirmed that two iPhone 7S models will hit the market next year. The “Ferrari” device will boast a slew of updates, including “borderless OLED display, invisible home button, wireless charging and more,” according to Apple Insider.

As Business Insider suggests, the blogger who unveiled the “Ferrari” model has a history of accurately reporting minor developments from Apple’s suppliers, located in the East Asia. The document suggests that “Ferrari” will pack “a substantial internal redesign,” and in some ways mirror the design of the iPhone 8, which was originally reported to feature glass on the front and back sides held together by metal casings. The mystery device will diverge from the iPhone 8 in one key area, offering an AMOLED screen -- a newer, more sophisticated version of an organic light-emitting diode display (OLED), which is expected to appear on the iPhone 8. That said, the leaked documents confirm that both models of iPhone 7 will come with a traditional LCD screen.

As we know, rumors regarding Apple products tend to congeal quickly and catapult across the web at a similar pace. Earlier this month, a different scoop suggested that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus would come in the color bright red, offering a slight reprieve from the deluge of bad news that’s characterized Apple’s end of 2016. But on the other hand, next year is right around the corner, so hopefully there's much to look forward to.

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