Finally, Your iPhone Will Stop Annoyingly Autocorrecting Your Texts

At some point, you've probably told your friend via text you were tired of all that "ducking shot," which is both annoying and hilarious, because you both know what you really meant to type. But it looks like the days of "ducking shot" may be numbered.

According to The Independent, Apple has filed a patent for a feature intended to fix its irritating autocorrect, and if this feature ever actually gets introduced to the iPhone, it'll save you unnecessary iMessage explanations. The new feature will still autocorrect your "mistakes," but any autocorrected words will also appear highlighted when the text is sent. The recipient of the message will then be able to click on the word and see what you originally typed, and view alternative words as well. 

To visualize the change, take a look at this illustration from the patent:

United States Patent and Trademark Office

This is smart, since it basically means if you do make a typo, you'll be corrected. But if you didn't make a typo, no harm done, as your friend will get your original word too. It's a win-win. Unless you really meant to type "ducking shot."

In that case... what the ducking shot are you really trying to say? 

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and autocorrect gets her into a lot of sticky situations. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie.