The Newest iPhone Update Will Make it Easier to Text During Movies

Because most adults are actually children who can’t stop using their smartphones in movie theaters, Apple’s iOS 10.3 update will reportedly include a “Theater Mode,” meant to make it easier for you to text and generally be a nuisance in the dark.

This is according to Sonny Dickson, who’s made a reputation by correctly leaking news regarding Apple products and updates. The update will reportedly come included in Apple’s newest iOS update, due January 10, and will be appropriately controlled by a popcorn icon.

Because the illuminated screen of someone’s iPhone isn’t the only problem presented during a movie, Theater Mode will reportedly mute the device’s sound. According Apple Insider, the feature could “disable system sounds and haptic feedback, block incoming calls and messages and reduce initial screen brightness during a movie.” This will enable you to be "that guy," whenever you want, earning you no respect from your fellow moviegoers. 

No one enjoys sitting next to a hyper-tweeter during a movie, especially after spending upwards of $20 on tickets. But if we can take any solace in the future of the entertainment industry, it’s that soon we won’t be watching new releases at the Regal multiplex or AMC theater, but at home on Apple TV.  

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