Your iPhone Is Getting 158 All-New Emoji Today


The fancy, new iPhones are here, we've figured out how to pronounce XS, and the phones have been thoroughly reviewed. Maybe you shelled out $1,000 for one. Maybe you'll be rocking your iPhone 5 for another decade. It doesn't really matter because a phone is only as good as its emoji, and today we've all gotten a heck of a lot of new emoji. (Unless you're one of these green message bubble people. You don't get these.) 

If you are part of the Blue Bubble Crew, iOS 12, released to the public on Tuesday, has brought you over 70 new emojis -- 158 if you consider all the variations on skin tone and gender. Emojipedia has the full list, but the update contains what are sure to be cult favorites like the safety pin and the magnet, as well as louder arrivals like the mosquito and skateboard. Other instant classics include the fire extinguisher, bottle of lotion, hiking boot, kangaroo, foot, and an abacus. (Thankfully that wretched attempt at a bagel emoji is staying fixed.)

Also, you'll now able to select red hair, curly hair, white hair, and no hair as options on some characters. Emojipedia points out that this will be limited to only a few, however, and that, regrettably, the bald bride and red-headed runners are not yet options.

To tap into the bottomless expressive potential of pictograms like the receipt emoji, just update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12. If you're not sure how to do that, well, just go into the Settings app, tap on "Software Update," and do what the corporation tells you to do, like always. You'll be sending passive-aggressive lettuce in no time.


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