Apple's New iPhone Update Gets You 117 New Emoji

Nothing gets the point across like a well-placed emoji.

Courtesy of Denis Cherkashin/unsplash

Apple's brimming catalog of cowboys, high-fives, and eggplants (*wink, wink*) speaks volumes in the age of texts and snapchats. Now, there's even more to say because your iPhone is getting over 100 new emoji. 

Users are getting a whole host of new features as part of Apple's iOS 14.2 update—including new wallpapers, optimized battery charging for your AirPods, headphone audio notifications, and HomePod intercom support. Let's get to what we really care about, though: the emoji update. The tech giant previewed the new additions back in July, announcing all kinds of new characters like a dodo, nesting dolls, piñata, tamale, pinched fingers, boomerang, ninja, coin, anatomical heart, beaver, transgender flag, bubble tea, and lungs. Now, a total of 117 have finally arrived on iPhones.

Here's what else you're getting: 

  • Faces: a smiling face with tear and disguised face. 
  • People: ninja, gender-neutral person in a tuxedo, woman in a tuxedo, gender-neutral person with a veil, man with a veil, woman feeding a baby, gender-neutral person feeding a baby, man feeding a baby, Mx Claus, and people hugging. 
  • Body parts: pinched fingers, anatomical heart, and lungs. 
  • Animals: black cat, bison, mammoth, beaver, polar bear, dodo, seal, beetle, cockroach, fly, and worm. 
  • Food: blueberries, olive, bell pepper, flatbread, fondue, and bubble tea.
  • Household: potted plant, teapot, piñata, magic wand, nesting dolls, sewing needle, mirror, window, plunger, mouse trap, bucket, and toothbrush. 
  • Clothing: sandal and military helmet. 
  • Musical instruments: accordion and long drum. 
  • Miscellaneous: feather, rock, wood, hut, pickup truck, roller skate, knot, coin boomerang, screwdriver, carpentry saw, hook, ladder, elevator, headstone, placard, transgender symbol, and transgender flag.
The new emoji officially hit Apple devices on November 5 with the rollout of the iOS 14.2 software update, so now you can text, DM, whatever with that very necessary smiling face with a tear (is there anything more 2020 appropriate) or a gender neutral Santa Claus for the holidays. Just go into your Settings app, tap into General, then hit Software Update and follow the prompts from there.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.