Apple's New Software Update Will Turn Off Your Alarm While You Sleep

Published On 10/29/2015 Published On 10/29/2015

Were you late for work or school this morning? Just tell your boss/foreman/overlord that it was all Apple's fault. That's what I did.

As first reported by Apple Insider, some iPhone users have reported a bug in the iOS 9.1 download that shuts off users' alarms while they sleep; thus royally screwing them and their future selves over. The problem isn't caused just by downloading the new software -- it's a result of a new "overnight update" feature, designed to let users endure the time-consuming software update while they sleep.

It's an ingenious idea, theoretically (because every waking moment usually finds us with our phones strapped to our palms), but this bug -- which Apple has yet to address, officially -- is making things decidedly inconvenient for people who need a phone-supported wake-up call.

Over the past couple days, it's been affecting people all over the world -- even famous people, like Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago, who woke up bewildered, late, and probably asking where his mind is.

And of course, us regular people were touched by the bug, too.

Good point, Jenna -- #CantTrustNobody. Not even Apple.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He never trusted Apple in the first place. Follow him @wilfulton

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