The iPhone 7 Plus is Sold Out in Apple Stores Worldwide

Even if the iPhone 7 was unveiled to a litany of complaints last week, consumer demand for Apple’s newest device hasn’t waned.

While preorders for the Jet Black iPhone crested last Friday -- leaving some with a wait period ending in November -- there’s actually more damning news coming from Apple: All versions of the iPhone 7 Plus are completely sold out at Apple retail locations worldwide, so don’t even bother trying to buy one when the device releases on Friday.

It’s an ironic bit of news, given that Apple’s been staring down a void of annoyed customers since last Wednesday’s big reveal. As Mashable notes, anyone devastated by the iPhone 7’s disappearance can visit a partner location -- such as a Verizon or Sprint store -- and try their luck, although stock is expected to be quite limited.

Apple issued a statement on Thursday, trying to placate everyone who sent angry tweets in response to the botched iOS 10 rollout earlier this week: "We sincerely appreciate our customers' patience as we work hard to get the new iPhone into the hands of everyone who wants one as quickly as possible."

Although seemingly dire, the situation might not be quite that bad: You can still pre-order the Jet Black iPhone, although a wait period of 3-5 weeks might stymie your enthusiasm. When the 7 Plus and its Jet Black counterpart will appear back in retail stores, is still a guessing game at the moment. 

Predictably, the demand has been good for Apple's stock, which is enjoying a surge of 8% at the moment. But it might not maintain that momentum, especially when people start losing their $159 AirPod headphones

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