Here Are the Biggest New iPhone Leaks Ahead of Apple’s Event on Tuesday

In keeping with tradition, it seems experts have been rabidly speculating about what sort of fancy new phone Apple might unveil at its big September event this year since, well, the minute last year's wrapped. There's been talk of a face-scanning camera, all-glass screens, wireless charging, and maybe even better battery life. That's not to mention the potential for this latest pocket computer from Tim Cook and company to be the first one to come with a price tag of over $1,000

Now, thanks to a fresh new leak of the final version of iOS 11, some digital sleuths have confirmed some rumors and dug up even more details about what to expect to see unveiled during Apple's big event on Tuesday. Here's what you should know.

The new iPhone will probably be called the iPhone X

While seemingly the least exciting aspect of any new phone, there has nonetheless been a big to-do over what exactly the new iPhone will be called. Well, there's strong evidence suggesting the new top-tier iPhone will be known as the iPhone X. This is according to iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who spotted references to the name deep within the firmware leak. 

Of course, Apple famously assigns codenames to its top-secret projects, so it's possible iPhone X is just a codename, though it does seem appropriate considering it's also the iPhone's 10-year anniversary. As for the other two new-but-not-top-tier phones set to be unveiled, those are likely going to be named the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, respectively.

The Home button is going bye bye

One of the most persistent rumors about the forthcoming high-end iPhone seems to be all but confirmed: the Home button is being ditched in favor of a less obstructed, bezel-less screen. As was hinted in the HomePod firmware leak earlier this summer, the leaked iOS firmware also contains mockups of a Home button-less screen. This new display seems to instead feature a small notch at the top where the front-facing camera will presumably live. 

The leak also includes instructions for initiating various modes by tapping and holding the side button, suggesting that it will operate in coordination with the new Face ID to perform certain functions you might have otherwise controlled with the Home button.

'Face ID' will replace Touch ID

The marquee feature for the new iPhone X will likely be "Face ID," which will scan a user's face via the front-facing camera to verify their identity to do things like unlock the device, enable Apple ID, or perform various other functions that might have previously relied on the fingerprint-scanning Touch ID. A leaked setup tutorial indicates that the camera will initially "learn" your face by scanning it from various angles.

Additionally, 9to5Mac found that Face ID will also introduce some nifty new accessibility features, including one that would check whether you're looking at the screen before dimming the display.

There will be new advanced camera lighting effects

According to 9to5Mac, you'll soon have the option to choose different lighting options when shooting in portrait mode. References to "Portrait Lighting" have been spotted in the latest firmware leak, with mentions of more specific modes like Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light -- which some speculate relates to more advanced flash options. Although, much like Portrait Mode launched in beta a while after iOS 10 rolled out last year, 9to5Mac believes Portrait Lighting will be released in a similar somewhat delayed fashion.

You'll be able to charge your phone wirelessly

Soon, it may be possible to get back up to 100% battery power without even plugging in your phone. That's according to iOS developer Guiherme Rambo, who spotted references that suggest at least one of the new iPhone models will have the ability to charge wirelessly.

You'll be able to send animated versions of emojis

Move over, static emoji, there's a new, hipper way to digitally emote -- with animated emojis. These new 3D "Animoji" will allegedly harness the face-scanning power of the new iPhone's front-facing camera to create custom animated versions of your favorite emoji based on your own facial movements. That's right, you may soon be able to create uniquely expressive piles of poop to send to all of your friends. The future: it's looking brighter every day!

Airpods are getting a minor upgrade

Although the debut version of Airpods were plagued by delays and are still available in relatively limited supply, Apple seems ready to introduce an even newer version. According to the firmware leak, there's evidence of a slightly revised version of the wireless headphones. The only noticeable change? The charging indicator was moved from inside the carrying case to the exterior.

h/t The Verge, 9to5Mac

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