Apple's Reportedly Working on a Jet White iPhone 7

Published On 11/15/2016 Published On 11/15/2016
Maggie Rosseti/Thrillist

If there was one positive takeaway when the iPhone 7 released in August, it was all of the phone’s pretty color options. While Apple’s newest device is missing a headphone jack and has a dwindling battery life, it did come in a sleek, albeit hyper-scratchable jet black color the masses loved.

Now, Apple seems intent on capitalizing on the public’s collective color fetish, as it might be releasing a jet white iPhone 7 in the near future, according to a report from Japanese website Macotakura. The website notes that a source at a supply chain had intel on one of the tech giant’s latest schemes, reporting that the company has plans to bring a “pure white” iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to market in the near future. This, of course, shouldn’t be taken as gospel -- the report also admits that “this information might be unreliable” -- although introducing something as simple as a splashy new color might circumvent waning demand for the iPhone 7, which is one of the company’s most glaring issues at the present moment.

Despite the iPhone 7’s much hyped introduction, the device seemed to piss more people off than bring them joy. Because the phone lacks a headphone jack, several independent hardware developers have already offered solutions, crowdfunding projects that restore the beloved input. There’ve been a multitude of other iPhone 7 hacks, too, like these earrings that catch your wireless AirPod headphones when they inevitably slip from your ears, and this handy wire which connects your AirPods to each other for $10.  

That said, it’s probably nigh time for Apple to introduce something to placate fans who haven’t exactly been thrilled with the iPhone 7 and its relative lack of anything new or novel. Sadly, that might just suffice with more pretty colors, which means we’re probably back in the iMac territory of the late ‘90s, as opposed to a daring new frontier. 

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