Apple Patented An Ingenious Pizza Box That Keeps Crust Crispy

A huge part of why Apple is the most profitable company in the world is its dedication to making things that will truly change the way we live (looking at you iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and that super secret next big thing), which is why we're so pumped to hear about one of its lesser known innovations: a pizza box. Yep, the company owns a patent for one hell of an innovative pizza box, and it may well dramatically improve take-out and delivery pizza for good. 

The news comes from a long new Wired feature that offers a peek inside Apple's crazy-cool $5 billion "spaceship" HQ in Cupertino. Amongst the photos of architectural details and an in-depth investigation into how the building's design evolved from Steve Jobs' initial vision is a tidbit about the company's commitment to encouraging employees at all levels of the operation to come up with innovative ideas. Specifically, it mentions that the dude who oversees the on-site employee cafe -- a man named Francesco Longoni -- helped invent a pizza box, which Apple has since patented, that prevents the to-go pies they make from becoming soggy. The circular containers (which Wired got a photo of) don't look very high-tech, but achieve the desired feat of extended freshness thanks to a series of ridges on the bottom and air holes along the top of the lid. According to the filing, the company patented the containers nearly seven years ago, and based on the tweet below, has evidently been using them in existing offices for a while now. 

There's no word on whether Apple plans to actually produce these pizza boxes for third-party pie-makers, or if the crispiest to-go crusts will be relegated just to the Apple Park campus, but we've reached out to the company for comment.


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.