Nabisco Is Reportedly Making Apple-Pie Oreos

Apple pie is the American dream of desserts, and it just so happens people also love Oreos as much as any cookie.

Seizing on these universally-known laws of the confection kingdom, Nabsico is reportedly releasing an Apple Pie Oreo Cookie around Labor Day. According to Junk Banter, the treat will feature two vanilla wafer cookies stuffed with apple pie-flavored cream. There’s no word on what stores will carry the Apple Pie Oreos, but we imagine the shelves of various retailers clearing out pretty quickly once the cookies are formally unveiled.

If you’re a junk food enthusiast, you’ve probably been enticed by the glut of glorious snacks that’ve been recently released. Especially when it comes to Oreo, which just threw the Earth off its axis with its very own chocolate bars. This of course isn’t the first time the cookie giant has experimented with off-kilter variations of its flagship treat: In August, Oreo created a Swedish Fish-flavored Oreo, which is just as strangely delicious as it sounds. 

Anyway, while you wait for the apple pie-flavored snack of a lifetime, watch this man take snacking into a bold new frontier by bungee jumping from 240 feet to dunk his cookie in a mug of tea. You won't regret it. 

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