Apple Quietly Killed the MacBook Pro's Glowing Apple Logo

When Apple unveiled its sleek new line of MacBook Pros on Thursday, it didn't just end the years-long wait for all-new, professional-level notebooks, but it also may have marked the end of an era. While the company's presentation rightfully focused on the spectacular new Touch Bar, it looks like Apple quietly replaced the iconic illuminated Apple logo that has long lived on the computer's lid. 

Although Apple made no mention of removing the beloved icon, promotional videos and images reveal that it's gone -- likely replaced by the reflective chrome Apple logo we saw with the introduction of the MacBook last spring, and of course, on the back of iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. In fact, if you look closely at the 0:20 second mark of Apple's new "design film" (shown below), which details the MacBook Pro's new look, you'll see how the logo clearly no longer emanates light from the screen's backlight.

click to play video

Press images of the new machines also appear to confirm the change:

Courtesy of Apple

The removal of the glowing Apple logo is hardly surprising, considering Apple's decision to do the same with the most recent MacBook, but it leaves the 2015 MacBook Pros (which Apple still offers alongside the new ones) and the remaining 13" MacBook Air (they killed off the 11" one) as the only notebooks Apple currently offers with the glowing logo. Basically, the Apple-shaped light that blinds you in dark rooms and often signals that you've walked into a crowded coffeehouse, is almost entirely gone after about 17 years. The iconic light was first introduced in Apple's PowerBook G3 back in May 1999, according to a report by Cult of Mac.

Of course, the change will have absolutely zero effect on how you use a MacBook Pro, which are more powerful than ever before, but it's probably safe to say that your local Starbucks' seating area is about to get ever so slightly darker.

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