Apple Is Adding an 'Unsend' Feature to iMessage

You'll be able to take back messages on iOS 16.

Courtesy of Apple
Courtesy of Apple

The high schooler in me who once sent a bold message to my crush and immediately regretted it is very envious of one of the features rolling out with Apple's iOS 16. In a press release, Apple announced that iOS 16 would allow users to unsend iMessages. It's the kind of reverse Uno power I wished for as an emotional, Tumblr-brained teenager.

But, this new feature isn't carte blanche for every text message you've ever sent. According to the small addendum at the bottom of the release, "Users can edit or recall a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it, or recover recently deleted messages for up to 30 days after deletion."

Courtesy of Apple

So while you'll be able to get deleted messages back for 30 days, any love poems you've been drafting in the notes app for months will have 15 minutes before they are forever part of the iCloud permanent record. Yearn with caution. You'll only need to press down and hold the message until a list of options pops up to use the feature. Then, press "Unsend Message."

In addition to this nifty/terrifying/wishy-washy feature, iOS 16 comes with a boat load of other new features. You'll be able to customize your lock screen with new photo features, widget options, and customizable color options for the date and time. Apple promises that the new features will make the lock screen "more beautiful, personal, and helpful."

Once inside your device, you'll be able to create a family shared album with up to six iCloud users in a separate iCloud library, schedule emails in the Mail app, use Live Text to translate words and convert currency, Apple Pay Later for Apple Pay, order tracking on purchases, updates to the Fitness app that will allow you to track your daily movement without an Apple Watch, and so much more.

To check out the complete list of updates and a preview, head to Apple's website to learn more about what your (soon to be even smarter) smartphone is capable of with the iOS 16 update. Developers can access the iOS 16 update now through A public beta will be available to iOS users next month through For everyone else, you'll have access to the update in the fall if you have an iPhone 8 or later.

Plenty of time to edit that proclamation of love you've been working on!

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