Applebee's Is Serving Up 50-Cent Long Island Iced Teas Through Halloween

Applebee's long island iced tea

Next time grandpa tells you how cheap steaks were when he was a kid, tell him you remember when cocktails only cost a dime per liquor in the drink. You remember that because it's happening right now.

Applebee's isn't just slinging mozzarella sticks this month. They're also serving 50-cent Long Island Iced Teas through Halloween. Five liquors for five dimes. Yes, that is a spooky-good deal. However, there's good news and bad news about the deal. (Unless you live in Texas, then there's good news and good news.) The promotion is only running at locations in the nation's second-largest state. It'll be available at 62 locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Waco, and East Texas, reports CBS Austin.

The good news for non-Texans (and Texans too) is that this isn't the restaurant's much-loved drink of the month. It's just a bonus promotion. If you aren't able to get the 50-cent booze-heavy cocktail, you can still get a Vampire for just a buck at locations across the country. The drink is a purple "freaky tiki rum punch" that comes with a cherry and vampire teeth sitting on top.

Wherever you are, there are cheap boozy drinks on the menu this month.

h/t Delish

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