Applebee's Is Unleashing $1 Boozy Strawberry Lemonades for the Entire Month of February

Courtesy of Applebee's

Look, there's a lot going on in February. The Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, an extra day for the leap year -- February 29! -- and plenty more. It's easy to get caught up in all of the excitement, but it looks like there's at least one reliable thing you can come back to throughout the month: $1 cocktails at Applebee's

Applebee's announced Saturday that it's serving up $1 Vodka Strawberry Lemonades for its rotating Neighborhood Drink of the Month deal for February, meaning you can drown your single sorrows (or celebrate 'em!) on the cheap. The limited-edition cocktail is pretty self-explanatory -- the casual chain is filling 10-ounce mugs with a lemonade, strawberry, and vodka.

​​​​"The whole month of February is a great time to head to Applebee’s with your loved ones whether it be with the gals, the boys, or your bae," Vice President of Beverage Innovation Patrick Kirk said in a statement. "We keep it simple and sweet this month with a spirit our guests love in the $1 Vodka Strawberry Lemonade, and the great news is that there’s an extra day in February to enjoy it." 

Of course, you have to be at least 21 to get the drink deal. Oh, and we recommend calling your local 'bee's and checking with them before showing up and demanding $1 boozy lemonade -- just in case they're not in on the deal. That'd be awkward. 

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