Eating at Applebee's Can Land You Free Tickets to 'Top Gun: Maverick'

Applebee's is giving away tickets to 'Top Gun: Maverick.'

applebee's top gun maverick tickets
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If you’ve bought movie tickets before and wished it somehow involved more mozzarella sticks, your train has arrived.

Applebee’s is promoting a movie many thought would never exist. Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the 1986 Tom Cruise movie, is being released this month. Starting May 16, you can get free tickets through Fandango at Applebee’s. You don't even have to yell anything like, "I feel the need, the need for, uh, Fiesta Lime Chicken." (You're allowed to do that. You're just not required to do that.)

If you spend $25 or more at Applebee’s, you’ll get awarded a ticket to the movie. If you drop at least $50, you’ll get a pair of tickets to see Tom Cruise yell in the sky. That offer is good in-restaurant, for delivery, or To Go. Get 'em, and you'll be the Maverick to someone’s Goose. (But with a more upbeat ending.)

It's a promotion you don't see often. Maybe it will help sales for a movie that doesn't appear to be generating the same kind of excitement as another summer of superhero and dinosaur-based blockbusters. Maybe big data says that the Venn diagram of Top Gun fans and Applebee's stans is a circle. 

You can snag a Fandango-based ticket through June 12. And note that tax and tips aren't counted toward hitting the minimum. Similarly, gift card purchases aren't eligible and won't help you catch up on what's happened to Maverick since that famous game of volleyball.

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