Apple's AirPods Are Reportedly Dropping Phone Calls

Apple’s wireless AirPod headphones have been prone to no shortage of issues. After a glitch with the bluetooth technology that powers the headphones caused a shipment delay last year, prices subsequently ballooned on Ebay and other third party sellers.

Now that the Air Pods have hit the market, snafus are still occasionally cropping up, leaving annoyed customers with little recourse but to vent online. According to threads on Apple’s support website, AirPods are randomly dropping audio during phone calls. The problem mainly affects iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users, but some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus customers are also complaining of the issue, according to Digital Trends.

The snafu exists to varying degrees, ranging from audio lost every hour, or the much higher frequency of audio dropped at least once per minute. The issue only exists while using the phone during a call, while the headphones appear to work fine while listening to music.

As most reviews of the tiny earbuds have been mixed, the public didn’t immediately warm to the AirPods, which cost $160 dollars and are a necessary hardware accessory of the iPhone 7, which doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Regarding the AirPods’ latest issue, an Apple representative told Apple Insider: "We always examine service trends to see if there's specific incompatibilities with our products, and we are aware of the complaints from a small proportion of iPhone 6+ owners...At this time there’s nothing to report.”

Mac Rumors reports that Apple developers are attempting to rectify the problem with the help of users affected by the issue. But while the tech giant irons out its latest problem, it’s facing a larger issue on the stock market: Ahead of the company’s fourth quarter earnings report, analysts have downgraded Apple stock, as lackluster iPhone sales are expected through 2017.

Apple, at the moment, needs a consumer hit, and the AirPods aren’t really helping that much. 

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