Apple's Futuristic "Spaceship" Campus Is Totally Insane

Since last November, drones have been periodically circling Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, CA, documenting its gradual construction. Footage of the facility -- which is called the “Spaceship,” due to its immense size and circular design --  can be pretty awe-inspiring.

Uploaded to YouTube today is a 4K video shot by Matthew Roberts, which shows Apple’s HQ in its latest phase of construction. The aerial view captures the hulking scale of the facility, which boasts a parking garage that can hold 11,000 cars, and a new auditorium meant for product reveals, not to mention 176 acres of land for Apple to do whatever it pleases.

The whole thing looks more like a futuristic civilization than a corporate HQ. Also note all the solar panels on the main building -- it’s basically covered in them from end to end.

To see the Spaceship under multiple phases of construction, check out Roberts' YouTube channel. Then wait until the end of this year, when Apple Campus 2 opens up for business. 

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