Apple is Finally Getting Rid of Your iPhone's Annoying Volume Box

Shutterstock/Evan Lockhart

Adjusting the volume on your iOS device, while no doubt an easy task, still presents a routine annoyance: No matter what you’re watching, the translucent volume display gets in the way. Trying to alter the volume shouldn’t pervade your viewing experience -- on the contrary, it should enhance it -- which is why Apple is phasing out the clunky icon with something far more discreet for iOS 11.

According to threads on the Apple rumors site MacRumors, the annoying volume box is moving to the top righthand corner of the screen, where it will be markedly smaller. It should inhibit your view to a far lesser degree, or hopefully not at all. Here's how it looks if you're watching what appears to be Fantasia:

It’s kind of bizarre that Apple hadn’t sussed this issue out sooner. It’s a painfully simple fix, solving an issue that seemed archaic in comparison to all the advancements made in recent iterations of iOS. All this means, is that you’ll soon be saying goodbye to this kind of thing when watching the NBA Finals on your iPad or iPhone:

iOS 11 comes with a glut of new features, many of which were discussed at length during Apple's keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this week. While there's no definitive word on its public release, you can sign up for a beta version of iOS 11 free of charge. 

In the meantime, prepare your volume box eulogies, because you'll certainly be seeing it less and less. 

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