One Bad Apple Stole 50,000 Apples From an Indiana Orchard

Some people are just rotten to their core (sorry, not sorry). 

In an incident that has inspired all sorts of bad apple puns, a thief stole approximately 50,000 apples -- an entire acre's worth -- from Williams Orchard in La Porte, Indiana. Police suspect the apple thief (or thieves) had to have taken off with a large enough vehicle to transport so many apples, and that the theft was made quite easily thanks to a lack of locks on the orchard's surrounding fence. 

“To be able to see an entire block of trees, nearly cleanly picked, when just days earlier there were thousands and thousands of apples on them, we just couldn’t even fathom it,” John Drummond, the owner of Williams Orchard, told WSBT22

Apple thievery isn't entirely shocking for this time of year, when fall begins to settle in and people are in the mood for cider and applesauce. There is no justification, however, for stealing roughly $27,000 worth of produce. 

Thankfully, Drummond and his orchard will live somewhat apple-y ever after. "This is just a bump in our journey and there’s a lot of apples still left out there,” Drummond said to WSBT22. Per a report by Vice, Drummond has also claimed that some of the apple puns have managed to bring a smile to his face during the rougher times. "The one one-liner that I really love is someone says, 'I hope they get to the core of the problem,'" he said. "That’s hilarious."

Though an entire acre was ravaged, Drummond still owns approximately 135 acres filled with glorious apples, so stopping for a visit and paying for apple-picking is definitely encouraged. 

And, asshole thieves: don't get any ideas. Since the great apple heist, Drummond has installed cameras and locks to prevent his stock from being taken again. 

h/t: Vice

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