Joke Goes Way Over Anchor's Head in April's Funniest News Bloopers

The News Be Funny's monthly dose of the best news bloopers has arrived. The headliner this month has to be the broadcaster who had a children's joke fly far, far over his head on live TV. 

It went like this.

Him: You know what April showers bring?
Her: May flowers. What do Mayflowers bring, though?
Him: I don't know.
Her: Pilgrims. 

This should be the end of the transcript. Polite chuckle. Move to the next segment. Instead...

Him: Oh.
Her: You never told that joke?
Him: What's the joke?
Everyone: [Italian chef kissing fingers]

Also in this month's round-up are the daydreaming anchor and the Emmanuel Macron supporter who was so happy with the French election results that he danced the night away by his lonesome.

There is one perplexing blooper, however. Two anchors were surprised by a ringing telephone during a broadcast. It wasn't a cell phone. It appears to be a landline positioned right next to the anchors' desk, one of which doesn't look like he had any idea there was a phone there at all. Who put a phone next to the anchors that could ring on-air?

Watch all of April's glorious bloopers in the video above.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He's a walking blooper. Follow his bloopers @dlukenelson.