Arby's Is Introducing a Spicy Food Challenge with New Diablo Sandwiches & Loaded Fries

Arby's has the meats and the heat, now.

arby's diablo spicy sandwich
Courtesy of Arby's
Courtesy of Arby's

More and more fast food restaurants are upping the ante on spicy foods. Just look at Burger King's Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Arby's dipped its toes in spicy waters back in January with the brief launch of its Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich. It's coming back this fall with some friends. It'll be accompanied by the new Diablo Loaded Fries and a Diablo Dare Roast Beef Sandwich.

Both the chicken and roast beef sandwiches claim four sources of heat. They get their spice from a fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapeños, Diablo BBQ sauce, and a toasted red chipotle bun. That gets switched up on the Loaded Fries, which are covered in cheddar cheese sauce, as well as fire-roasted jalapeños, fiery seasoning, and Diablo BBQ sauce.

This go-round, Arby's says all Diablo Dare orders come with a free "extingui-shake." Order the sandwich and the fries—that's the dare—and you get a free shake to help you cool down.

The Diablo items will hit the menu on October 24. Of course, they will only be around for a little while. But there is nothing more in vogue in fast food than coming up with a great limited-time offer that you can bring back later on. Look at the Mexican Pizza. If you like this, you can always hope it will return to the menu once it's gone. Everyone loves a comeback story.

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