Arby’s Adds a Dr Pepper Float to Its Frozen Treat Menu

It also has two classics.

Some beverages, like lemonade and hard seltzer, seem to usher in spring and summer, and ice cream floats are right up there, too. Root beer floats get the most attention, but you can really give almost anything the float treatment. Arby’s latest float brings Dr Pepper to the mix, according to Chew Boom.

Arby’s take is a little more free-flowing than the structured floats you might be used to. Rather than scoops of ice cream, Arby’s tops the soda with its own vanilla shake. The roast beef giant’s dessert menu already included four shake flavors, and root beer and Coke floats are returning with the new Dr Pepper addition, bringing Arby’s sippable frozen treat count to a respectable seven options. 

While some locations sell floats all year, according to Chew Boom, others limit the offerings, so you might want to sample these soon. 

Arby’s won a Fasties award for its curly fries in 2020. 

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