Arby's Is Giving Out Totally Free Gyros If You Play This Absurdly Long Video Game

Seriously. It's a free gyro if you finish. Though, it's also seriously long.

arby's video games
Courtesy of Arby's

The 2020 Olympics weren't able to arrive the way everyone had hoped. But Arby's has a weird replacement that doesn't really replace anything. However, it does provide at least one more free gyro than the Olympics were ever planning to provide.

The roast beef chain has launched an 8-bit video game called the Greek Gyro Games, which expertly avoids calling itself the Olympics. In the game, you play as an Arby's employee "with semi-average athletic abilities," and you need to relight the Arby's Ceremonial Gyro Spit. You get tripped up be treadmills and exhaustion, and all you really ever do is push an arrow to make sure you keep running.

It's not the most exciting game on this vast internet. 

However, the first three people to cross the finish line are getting free gyros for an entire year. And if you finish at all, you're getting a coupon for a free gyro. (It looks like you can get the freebie even if you don't finish, based on my crude research of not finishing the game.) If you're going for gold or, uh, gyro, the announcement says that it's going to take you a couple of hours. Yes, you've got to be intensely dedicated to free grub or really bored. Either way, free gyros await you on the other side of the pixelated finish line.

Hurry! Someone out there is trying to take your gyros by pushing an arrow key for so long that they're going to have to hide it from their boss, somehow.

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