Arby's Is Dropping a Smoked Sweatsuit to Pair with Its New Smoked Sandwich

It's just what you needed for fall.

Courtesy of Arby's

You know when you leave a bonfire and your clothes are bathed in a smoky smell, causing you to immediately throw them into a laundry basket when you get home? Arby's is recreating that sensation to deliver an exclusive line of sweatsuits that have been hand-smoked in an actual smoke pit.

If you're wondering why Arby's would intentionally expose clothing to pit smoke, you're not alone. Not even TideOxy can get out some of those smokey smells. But Arby's is doing it intentionally as part of its new Real Country Style Rib Sandwich launch. It is made with pork rib meat and smoked for over eight hours by Sadler's Smokehouse in East Texas. It does sound quite delicious, but back to the clothes.

"Smoked Sweats" are made in collaboration with Stateline, an apparel company that manufactures its clothing in the US. The sweats come in a burgundy shade as a nod to the traditional uniform worn by pitmasters at Sadler's. After pitmasters smoke it at Sadler's, the sweatsuits are vacuum-sealed to ensure that the clothes retain that sweet smokey scent.

You can purchase these unique and scent-infused items at starting on October 4 at 12 pm ET. The hoodies retail for $65 while the pants sell for $50, but you'll have to head to Arby's for the sandwich.

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