Arby's Mint Milkshake Has Something That McDonald's Shamrock Shake Doesn't

Shamrock Shakes are starting to look a bit... simple.

Every year, McDonald's gives us a brief window of time around St. Patrick's Day to order minty green Shamrock Shakes. The Shamrock Shake formula isn't very complex—it's made with vanilla soft serve, mint-flavored syrup, and whipped cream—yet it's easily one of the most popular seasonal fast food treats.

Enter Arby's version of the Shamrock Shake, a more intriguing recipe that recently returned to menus to give McDonald's a run for its money. Arby's Mint Chocolate Shake has ice cream, mint, and whipped cream, too, because that's the bare minimum that a mint shake should include, but it also includes a much-needed chocolatey element.

The Mint Chocolate Shake is topped with a chocolate syrup drizzle and pieces of Andes Crème De Menthe candies. The ingredient list seems obvious—mint and chocolate go hand in hand, and Andes candies pack both flavors—but if it was so obvious, wouldn't McDonald's have done it by now? To be fair, Mickey D's has dabbled in fresh takes on the dessert in recent years.

Shamrock Shakes have become a household name, but that doesn't automatically make them superior. If anything, they're mainstream enough that it's time to give a different milkshake a chance. Arby's Mint Chocolate Shake is only back on menus for a little bit, so if you just can't get enough of milk and chocolate flavors, you might want to hurry.

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