Arby’s Is Making New Crinkle Fries and Boneless Wings

These aren’t your average wings.

Edited - Photos Courtesy of Arby's
Edited - Photos Courtesy of Arby's

Arby’s always boasts about its meats. After all, its slogan is “We have the meats.” But perhaps its most important contribution to fast food doesn’t contain any meat at all: its delicious curly fries, which we previously ranked as the best in the game. So, the recent news that the chain is working on a new kind of fries is a big deal.

Aryb’s is testing new Crinkle Fries as well as boneless wings at its locations in Syracuse, New York; Evansville, Indiana; Augusta, Georgia; and Greensboro, North Carolina. The wings come in two flavors, Spicy Buffalo and Hot Honey, and depending on the market, you can order them together with the fries or separately for around $5-$6, according to an Aryb's spokesperson.

In New York and Georgia, they’ll be available until the end of January. Customers in Indiana and North Carolina will have a little longer to enjoy Arby’s Boneless Wings and Crinkle Fries because they’ll be on the menu until late March. Some states have all the luck.

Although Arby’s offers crispy chicken in other forms, it hasn’t served up boneless wings before now. And up until now, it has stuck with strictly curly fries and sweet potato waffle fries. 

It remains to be seen if the new wings and fries will hit the Arby’s menu nationwide, but considering how good its curly fries are, we hope they do.

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